Raw Honey

Our delicious honey is hand harvested in small batches. We never heat or filter our honey so all the raw goodness is preserved. This is considered a wildflower honey with rich, complex flavors. Our bees remain on our property all year long and forage the native and garden flowers on our homestead.

This year, we had two small summer harvests that yielded light amber and medium amber honeys. The light amber honey has a bright flavor with a finishing tang. The medium amber is a richer honey, reminiscent of caramel.

Baby Bears

2 oz. of pure, unfiltered, raw honey in adorable baby bears. BPA free containers. Available in light amber and medium amber. $3. SOLD OUT.

Honey Bears

16 oz. of pure, unfiltered, raw honey. Available in light amber and medium amber. Squeezable, BPA free containers. $12. Light amber SOLD OUT.

Muth Gift Set

32 oz. of pure, unfiltered, raw honey. Antique Muth style glass jars with cork stoppers in a decorative gift box. Safety sealed. One pound each of light amber and our 2019 reserve special dark amber. $35. SOLD OUT.

Quart Jar

45 oz. of pure, unfiltered, raw honey. Glass jar. Available only in medium amber. $32. SOLD OUT

Pecans in honey

11 oz. of premium pecan halves from Foster Crossing Pecans in Anna, TX soaked in our raw, medium amber honey. Glass jar. Safety sealed. $15.        SOLD OUT.

chunk honey

A pound and a half (24 oz.) of light amber honey with chunks of pure, raw, natural honeycomb straight from the hive. Glass pint jar. $20. SOLD OUT.

cut comb

Fresh from the hive! Approximately 12 oz. of pure, raw, natural honeycomb. Box measures 4-3/8″ x 4-3/8″ x 1-1/2″. Light amber. $15. SOLD OUT.


To order, please email us at clydesdalehomestead@gmail.com. We are offering on-site Homestead pickup only, no shipping or delivery. We are happy to accommodate no-contact pickup for your convenience and safety.  We accept cash, Paypal, and Venmo. Please do not send payment until your order is confirmed. Thank you!