Bee Removal

Don’t call an exterminator, call a beekeeper!

Swarming is a honey bee colony’s natural means of reproduction, or finding a new place to live if they have outgrown their old home. In the process of swarming, a single bee colony can split into two or more distinct colonies. These ladies are looking to upgrade their housing options! If you see a swarm like this, it will move on in a few days as the colony continues its search for a safe place to build their new hive. However, sometimes bees take up residence in places that are inconvenient for us humans. Capturing a swarm ensures the bees have a safe place to live that won’t bother anyone.

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Phone voicemail or text: (214)385-4255

We remove swarms in the Prosper/McKinney, TX area. If we can’t help you with your bee concerns, we will recommend beekeepers who can.